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MTL Low Voltage Products and Systems

MTL products are used in all types of location, both hazardous and general purpose, from offshore oil and gas platforms, power production plants and petrochemical installations to pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and other manufacturing plants.

MTL is the world leader in Fieldbus power systems and wiring components, Intrinsic Safety interfaces and surge protection techniques as well as being a leading authority in Industrial Ethernet, and HMI / Visualisation for safe and hazardous locations. The core technologies of the company have significantly increased over recent years and now includes Alarm Management, Wireless interconnect and Industrial Security systems.

MTL® is a registered trademark of MTL Inc.
Products in Intrinsic Safety & Process I/O™
MTL is a world leader in products designed for use in hazardous areas where there is a probability of explosive atmospheres.
The products range from industry renowned (IS) barriers and isolators through to sophisticated process control products, all designed for the harsh environments often encountered in the process industry.
As part of our 'Customer Committment' process, we regularly produce educational reference material to assist users in understanding the latest EU regulations and directives.
Functional Safety Management - FSM
Many MTL products are certified as safe for use in hazardous areas; that is places where explosive material may be present. The products are designed and certified to show that they are incapable of igniting the gas or dust and causing fire or explosion.MTL-FSA logo

Another type of safety is called Functional Safety, which applies when products are used in safety and protection systems, in which a failure may mean that a protective system will not operate as it should. MTL products have been used in safety systems for some time, but there are increasing requirements to demonstrate an adequate level of functional safety, especially after the Buncefield, Texas City and Deepwater Horizon accidents. More and more, customers are demanding that products they use in safety systems meet the requirements of the second edition of the IEC 61508 Functional Safety standard, and they require evidence to show that they do. This is to enable the use of our products within instrumentation loops that are designed to achieve a specific Safety Integrity Level (SIL).

When MTL designs a product in the expectation that it will be used in functional safety-related systems, both the design process and the product needs to comply with IEC 61508:2010.

MTL has chosen to obtain Functional Safety Management (FSM) certification for the company. FSM means that MTL has the necessary processes and competence to design products according to IEC 61508:2010. Certification means that a notified body is ensuring that our processes are correct and that we are working to them. Together, FSM Certification gives our customers confidence in the company and the use of our products for functional safety.

For more information on our FSM capability <click here>>
For a copy of our FSM certificate <click here>
Intrinsic Safety Zener Barriers
MTL is a pioneer in the development of the "shunt diode" safety barrier. This is a passive network device that uses Zener diodes, resistors and fuses to safely divert excess electrical energy to ground and thus prevent sparking in or overheating of equipment in hazardous areas. Their key benefits are low cost and the ability to operate with data in analogue DC or high-speed digital forms.

MTL became a world leader with its ranges of shunt diode safety barriers and its support role in the emergence of this new technology.The early MTL700 Series soon established itself as an 'industry standard' with a reputation for quality and reliability.

The ranges have evolved over the years but the latest MTL7700 Series is unique in providing a broad range of benefits that the instrumentation engineer looks for in a modern barrier.

With the new MTL7700, and continuing support for our other ranges, MTL's commitment to zener barriers is confirmed for many years to come.
MTL7700 Series MTL7700 Series
The MTL7700 Series follows closely in the footsteps of the MTL700 but as a DIN…
MTL700 Series MTL700 Series
The MTL700 Series, noted for its robust mounting and earthing arrangements and its field-proven circuitry,…
MTL Isolators
MTL offers the best choice in DIN-rail and backplane mounting isolators to meet the requirements of modern systems.The DIN-rail mounting isolator ranges provide a wide choice of functions with high accuracy and reliability, while the backplane mounting products are established as the leading IS system interface with solutions for all the major DCS companies.

The NEW MTL4500 Series is the latest generation of backplane mounting products, building upon the heritage of MTL4000 and introducing many key application benefits.

The NEW MTL5500 Series launches a new industry standard for DIN rail mounting products, ideally suited to a wide variety of interface tasks for process instrumentation.
MTL5500 Series MTL5500 Series
The very latest "core technology" in a DIN-rail mounting isolator.
MTL4500 Series MTL4500 Series
The latest backplane mounting, high efficiency isolating interfaces with system vendors in mind.
MTL4600 Series MTL4600 Series
Backplane mounting signal isolators for safe-area applications.
MTL5000 Series MTL5000 Series
Many MTL5000 modules have now been superceded by their equivalent in the new MTL5500 series.
Configuration Tools and Software Configuration Tools and Software
The PCS45/PCL45USB configurator allows MTL converters to be configured from a standard PC running a Microsoft® Windows® operating system. It comprises PC software, provided on a CD (PCS45), and an ATEX certified interfacing link (PCL45USB). Converters can be configured from the safe area, while on-line, and configurations can be saved to disk and printed out when required. It is suitable for use with MTL4000, MTL4500, MTL5000 and MTL5500 series products.
PCS45/PCL45USB Datasheet Manual File
PCS45USB-Driver File
MTL (SR) Series MTL (SR) Series
Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) is not a new concept. It has long been the practice to fit protective systems to industrial process plants wherever there is a potential threat to life or the environment if something should go wrong. What is new is that IEC61508 now provides guidelines for achieving an adequate Safety Integrity Level (SIL) for systems, sub-systems and components.

Backplanes with bussed power - MTL4000 Series
Certified HART® connectivity - MTL4840 Series
‘Clip-on’ DIN rail mounting - MTL5000 Series

The new MTL4000-SR, MTL5000-SR and MTL4840 HART®-SR products come with certified reliability data, giving the safety system designer a known quantity around which to design. The SR-Series Isolators cover Digital Input (DI), Digital Output (DO) and Analogue Input (AI) functions. These SR labelled products are supplied with the knowledge that their integrity will be maintained during the life of the product. Any changes to standard versions will not compromise the certified characteristics of these products as they will be maintained as individual products.

In addition to the certified products, MTL have all other products in the MTL4000 and MTL5000 ranges assessed to the IEC61508 standard. These have been third-party assessed by Exida and the reports can be viewed, along with the SR certification.
MTL E-Series MTL E-Series
MTL’s E Series is a range of high quality galvanic isolators, including some non-IS models, in 19-inch Eurocard format. All MTL Eurocard interface devices conform to the DIN41494 Eurocard standard and also to NAMUR EMC standards. The IS versions are ATEX, PTB or TÜV certified to CENELEC standards. The Eurocard range provides all common functions, including HART® compatibility, so that most installations can be designed easily around the 19-inch cards. They operate with a 24V ac/dc supply or are loop powered. * High quality galvanic isolators, including some non-is models, designed to DIN 41494 Eurocard standard.

Wide choice of input/output options.
Three-port isolation–input, output and power supply isolated from each other.
24V ac/dc supply or loop powered.
High transfer accuracy.
Units conform to NAMUR EMC standards.
Intrinsically safe models. ATEX, PTB or TÜV certified to CENELEC standards.
MTL2000 Series MTL2000 Series
MTL2000 Series isolators are DIN-rail or surface mounting devices that are mechanically compatible with the earlier MTL3000 Series units. The series includes: IS relays for bringing back status or command signals from switches or proximity detectors and an IS relay to switch hazardous-area loads.

230Vac or 115Vac supply
250V input/output power supply isolation
No high-integrity earth required
Broken line and earth fault protection

This series is not certified for use in the EU, use MTL5500 series with MPA5500 for AC power input.
MTL2000 MTL2000 Series Common Specifications Datasheet 
MTL2000 MTL2000 Series Cable Parameters Datasheet 
MTL2000 MTL2000 Series Accessories Datasheet 
MTL2210B Switch operated relay ~ 1-channel Datasheet 
MTL2211 Switch operated relay ~ 2-channel Datasheet 
MTL2213 Switch/proximity detector relay ~ 3-channel Datasheet 
MTL2215 Switch operated relay ~ IS output Datasheet 
IS Indicators
Display process information in the hazardous area. Loop-powered displays, backlight options.
MTL646 / 647 Series MTL646 / 647 Series
The MTL646/7 text displays are located in the hazardous area where they display alphanumeric data & graphics from a safe area host controller. This is transmitted by a serial data link passing through an MTL5051 isolating interface. This serves the dual purpose of isolating the IS indicator and converting RS232 or RS422 serial data to the MTL signal level and vice versa. Bi-directional communication permits operators to acknowledge messages and to request process action when necessary. If required, an audible or visual alarm can be connected to attract the operators attention.
The MTL647 field mounting unit is housed in a tough impact-resistant case designed to withstand the rigours of hostile weather conditions and harsh industrial environments. Ingress protection rating is IP66. It can be mounted directly onto a flat surface or, with an optional kit, onto vertical or horizontal pipes or posts.

The MTL646 panel mounting unit is designed for DIN standard 72 x 144mm cut-out. The panel/unit seal is rated at IP40 while, with standard ‘snap-on’ mounting clips, the panel/unit seal is rated IP40. This can be uprated to IP65 with the optional IPK68 sealing kit.
MTL660 Series MTL660 Series
The 660 Series indicators are loop powered units and the low voltage drop across their input terminals allows them to be installed in almost any 2-wire, 4-20mA loop.

Large liquid crystal displays make the process variables easily visible at a distance. Process units are configured into the display area. Instant readout of percentage or loop current is available at the push of a button.

Field mounting units are housed in a rugged aluminium IP67, NEMA 4X case. GRP option is available for highly corrosive atmospheres.
MTL661 Field mounting Aluminium enclosure 
MTL661B Field mounting Aluminium enclosure, with backlight 
MTL661-ABS Field mtg ABS enclosure (discontinued Sept 2012)
MTL662 Panel mounting Aluminium enclosure 
MTL662B Panel mounting Aluminium enclosure, with backlight 
MTL663 Field mounting GRP enlcosure 
MTL665 Panel mounting Aluminium DIN enclosure 
MTL665B Panel mounting Aluminium DIN enclosure, with backlight
Fieldbus Displays Fieldbus Displays
MTL supplies the widest range of fieldbus displays from 8 variable to cost effective single variable version, field and panel mount variants, safe and hazardous area version as well as FOUNDATION fieldbus™ H1 and Profibus PA versions. All versions are bus powered to simplify installation.

The 8 variable BA-x8x version provides a large 86 x 45 mm back-lit display with 9 standard screen options displaying 1 to 4 variables, measurement units and tags as well as bar graphs. The operator can select the displayed screen via the front panel push-buttons, or these buttons may be disabled. The instrument can be supplied with six isolated alarm outputs, each of which may be linked to any of the displayed fieldbus variables. Alarm setpoints can be entered via the front panel push-buttons, which in turn may be protected by a security code.
TI Multiplexers
Cuts installation and cable costs for temperature inputs. Saves installation time, space and weight.
MTL830 Series Multiplexers
MTL830 Series multiplexers with Modbus outputs avoid the need to isolate each instrument loop. Reduce the cost of installed wiring by up to 50`% by communicating the status of multiple hazardous-area sensors over dual-redundant data highways.

Save on the cost of installing hazardous-area cabling
Reduce installation time, space and weight
Rapid problem detection with status reporting systems
Sensor-failure detection and fail safe drive options
Serial-data outputs to host control system
AI to Modbus controllers
Redundant data highway facility
Process I/O™
Choose to locate your Remote I/O in Zone 1/Div 1 or Zone 2/Div 2 hazardous…
Zone 2 Installation range
The MTL8000 series Remote I/O is particularly suited to hazardous area environments. The platform is certified to international IS standards with a range of I/O modules that can handle signals for industrial AI, AO, DI and DO applications
Zone 1 Installation range
The MTL8000 1/1 is an innovative remote I/O system targeted at applications that require installation in Zone 1 hazardous areas and connection to Profibus-DP hosts, while maintaining a low installed cost. Designed and certified for mounting in Zone 1, IIC T4 environments, the system can connect to intrinsically safe field instruments in Zone 1 or Zone 0.
A single node can accommodate up to 16 I/O modules - the equivalent of 64 I/O channels. A wide choice of I/O modules is offered including AI, AO, DI, DO, temperature input and pulse/frequency.
Intrinsically Safe Ethernet Intrinsically Safe Ethernet
The 9460-ET Series provides cost-effective Intrinsically Safe (IS) Ethernet equipment that can be installed and maintained easily in hazardous areas. The intrinsically safe hazardous area certification permits the components to be mounted in a Zone 1 hazardous area with connectivity into Zone 0 and the associated apparatus certification of the 9468-ET IS Ethernet isolator and 9491-PS IS power supply allow this equipment to be mounted in a Zone 2 hazardous area and connected to intrinsically safe equipment in a Zone 0 or 1 hazardous area.
In Process Automation it is also preferable to use a single cable to provide both power and communications to the end device. The 9460-ET Series can deliver Intrinsically Safe Power over Ethernet (PoEx™) with a single Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable, allowing live connection and disconnection of the end device in Zone 0 and 1 hazardous areas.
Products in HART Interfacing
hart_logoEvery HART® field device is capable of providing significant data about its performance and the process it is controlling. Don't ignore such a valuable asset!
If you have smart field devices installed and you are not making full use of their capabilities, then you need MTL's HART® connection system. MTL has solutions that provide the connections between the HART field instruments, the control systems and the process automation maintenance software. MTL’s HART multiplexer system provides on-line access from a PC to the HART field devices for monitoring device performance. HART devices may be selected for regular status monitoring and alerts to be issued if the status changes.
MTL's HART CONNECTIONS strip the HART digital signal from the 4-20mA signal (which passes to the control system unscathed) and sends it directly to your maintenance PC. Thus giving you access to the benefits offered by the latest powerful configuration and predictive maintenance software.
For process control systems using traditional I/O installations, the NEW MTL4850 or the MTL4840 HART Connection System is the ideal HART solution for new installations or upgrades, either intrinsically safe or general purpose applications.
For process I/O installations, MTL8000 Remote I/O is fully HART compatible, allowing read-and-write configuration and calibration parameters as well as online monitoring of key variables and status.
HART Multiplexers
When it comes to HART Multiplexers, MTL offers the most cost effective, reliable and flexible solutions for every application and industry. From Siberian oil fields to Mexican power plants, MTL HART Multiplexers provide the optimum solution.

A typical small 16-channel system is illustrated below.
HART solution
HART Multiplexers copy the HART digital signal from the 4-20mA signal, which then passes to the control/safety system unscathed, and sends the HART data directly to the maintenance software control stations. Multiplexers offer an extremely flexible and reliable system which can handle anything from a handful to thousands of HART devices on one network.

Relate Parts: MTL4840 Series , MTL4850 multiplexer
Products in Process Alarm Equipment
After 30 years of successful development, RTK Instruments is firmly established as the leading specialist in the design and manufacture of process alarm equipment. Our products are used in all environments, including all hazardous areas, and across all process and utility sectors. RTK Instruments supplies alarm systems and associated instrumentation from a single sounder to a complete plant-wide alarm and monitoring system.

Products such as the 725B Programmable Alarm Annunciator are the most innovative on the market today - anywhere in the world. The LN1000 Intrinsically Safe Alarm Annunciator and the SIL725 Annunciator (certified to IEC61508) are totally unique products - worldwide - helping to keep operators and the environment safe and process plants running smoothly.
Alarm Annunciators Alarm Annunciators
A whole range of alarm annunciator products can be supplied including the innovative 725B Annunciator/Event Recorder which is one of the world's most technically advanced Annunciators. RTK Instruments also offers complete Annunciator Systems, cost-effective substation Annunciators, and advanced certified Annunciators for hazardous areas and SIL2 safety instrumented systems.

Manual for 725B.
Event Recorders Event Recorders
RTK Instruments leads the way with the latest technically advanced Sequence of Events Recorder and combined Alarm Annunciator. The Master Clock option allows global time synchronisation of multiple Sequential Event Recorders.

indicium logo imageThe Indicium suite of Alarm Management Software is available as a standard package to provide alarm display information in conjunction with RTK Annunciators and Alarm Systems.
Hazardous Area Notification Products Hazardous Area Notification Products
Operators working within a hazardous area need to be quickly and clearly informed of any potential hazard. Our range of Notification products serves this purpose perfectly. The range includes Sounders, Beacons, Light Towers, LED Clusters and Alarm Displays, all certified for use in potentially hazardous areas.
Engineered Solutions Engineered Solutions
Many clients require much more than the simple supply of loose products. To service these customers our experienced team of engineers can provide a consultancy service to help them select the most appropriate solution. These solutions may consist of some basic application help right through to design, engineering, manufacture and commissioning of any intrinsically safe or explosion proof system or customised alarm or event recording systems.
Products in Industrial Security
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and industrial control systems have long been considered immune to the cyber attacks suffered by corporate information systems. The move to open standards such as Ethernet,TCP/IP, and web technologies has allowed hackers and virus writers to take advantage of the control industry’s ignorance. The result is a growing number of unpublicised cyber-based security events that are affecting critical infrastructure and manufacturing industries.
Network Security ~ Overview
Over the past decade, critical control systems have increasingly adopted information technologies such as Windows™ Ethernet™, TCP/IP and web services. Unfortunately this means that PLC, DCS and SCADA systems are now exposed to attack from viruses, hackers and possibly terrorists from around the world.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and industrial control systems have long been considered immune to the cyber attacks suffered by corporate information systems. Despite industries’ best efforts to isolate control systems from the outside world, the bad guys (and bugs) still get in. Traditional firewalls are too complex for most security professionals to configure correctly and are even harder to set up properly on the plant floor. And once a virus or hacker gets past the control system firewall, the typical PLC or DCS is an easy target for attack. Control devices and protocols offer no authentication, integrity or confidentiality mechanisms and can be completely controlled by any individual that can “ping” the device. Nor can they be easily patched or have security features added to them even when security vulnerabilities are discovered.


The fully distributed Tofino™ Industrial Security Solution is much more than a firewall. With its centrally manageable, dynamically Loadable Security Modules (LSM’s) it can provide encryption, intrusion detection and control protocol-aware security solutions tailored to specific plant floor situations. The Tofino™ Central Management Platform (CMP) will configure, monitor and manage the functions of each remote Tofino™ Appliance so that it can be automatically tuned to meet the security needs of the devices it is protecting.
Tofino? Hardware Tofino™ Hardware

The Tofino™ Industrial Security System is a new and unique, solution from MTL and Byres Security that addresses the important issue of protecting Industrial Networks from modern cyber-security attacks.

Simple to Install

The conventional approach is to employ a standard, but highly complex, “IT-style” firewall. Such methods are complicated and require highly-trained staff to install and manage them. Tofino™ was designed with its environment, the level of staffing and the needs of industry in mind. As a result, a field technician can simply attach power to a Tofino™ appliance, connect two network cables and then walk away – it’s that simple to install.

Centralised Control

From there, the company security staff can sit at a central management platform (CMP) and configure and monitor any system with ease, reacting to threats in a coordinated and company-wide manner. Best of all, the system has the flexibility to adapt to a small plant with a single PLC, or meet the needs of a multi-national organization with thousands of critical devices scattered around the globe.


By deploying Tofino™ security appliances directly in front of each control device (or group of devices) that needs protection, they provide SCADA and process control companies with a layered security solution for their systems. This in turn allows a “defence-in-depth” strategy to be used, so if a hacker or virus penetrates or bypasses a main corporate firewall, they will still be faced with an array of SCADA-focused security devices that need to be breached before any damage can be done.
Products in Surge Protection
MTL Surge Technologies designs and manufactures a vast range of protection solutions for all your system surge protection requirements.
MTL Surge Technologies supplies a comprehensive range of surge protection devices offering solutions for all mains power, process control, network and communications, telecom, wireless and RF systems.
Combination Surge Protection Products
UL1449 listed and CSA approved the ProShield Series provides the ultimate configurable protection platform through the unique patented design of seven high performance AC mains/power outlets (US style) plus three easy slide-in data protection bays.

The ProShield is designed for home use, handle maximum surge currents greater than 27kA on home PCs, fax machines, home entertainment equipment, digital TVs, VCRs, DVDs, cable modems and digital satellite systems.

Communication modules simply slide-in to the ProShield protection bays and any combination can be installed in the ProShield at any time, providing complete upgradable protection for all sensitive electronic equipment.

These modules utilise solid state, auto-resetting Silicon Avalanche Diodes and earth automatically upon insertion into ProShield. Additional features of the ProShield range include a recessed on/off switch, large enough for easy access, power fault indication (the light indicates correct wiring when lit) and protection status indication (when lit, this light assures that the device is protecting).

All seven ac mains/power outlets are located on one side of the device, so ProShield also acts as a superior cable management facility.

Complete surge protection for PCs, LANs, POS Systems, Home Theatres and other sensitive electronic equipment
Easy slide-in communication modules allow for mixing and matching of protection for Fax/modem, Internet, LAN and cable TV applications
Data and Signal Surge Protection
Specially designed for all process data and signal requirements from the controller out to the field mounted instruments.
SLP Series IOP Series HW48 TP24/7 Series TP-Pipe Series
SLP Series
The multi-stage hybrid of the SLP Series uses a combination of solid state electronics and…
IOP Series
The IOP offers protection for both digital I/O and analog I/O. This is the most…
The HW48 device safeguards Honeywell STT350 intelligent transmitters against surges and transients from field cabling.
TP24/7 Series
The TP4/7 surge protection device provides a level of protection for field-mounted transmitters that is…
TP-Pipe Series
The TP-Pipe surge protection device safeguards field-mounted process transmitters where it matters, right at the…
ZoneBarrier Series-DS TP48 Series mSA Series SD Series  
ZoneBarrier Series-DS
ZoneBarrier modular telecom protection devices provide a uniquely customer configurable port-by-port protection approach.
TP48 Series
The TP48 surge protection device safeguards field-mounted process transmitters where it matters, right at the…
mSA Series
The mSA Series of surge protection devices is designed to safeguard remote electronic equipment from…
SD Series
SD Series of surge protection devices provide both fused protection against fault currents and a…
Fieldbus Surge Protection
The fieldbus system by the very nature of the environment in which it will be…
FS32 MA4000 Series TP32 & TP32-T FP32 MA15 Series
The FS32 represents the leading edge of surge protection design. With its space saving profile
MA4000 Series
The MA4000 is universally suitable for protection power supplies in hostile environments.
TP32 & TP32-T
The TP32 and TP32-T are specifically designed to protect process transmitters and devices on Fieldbus.
FP32 devices provide surge protection along the Trunk or Spurs of fieldbus systems from damaging
MA15 Series
The MA15 Series of surge protection devices protects electronic equipment and computer networks against the…
Network and Comms Surge Protection
Network technologies from the Internet to LANs have revolutionised the way businesses operate.
RackPro Series Rack Shield Series ZoneBarrier Series-NC
RackPro Series
The RackPro is a twelve (12) outlet rack mounted surge protector that provides superior surge…
Rack Shield Series
The Rackshield surge protection solution provides modular protection for up to 12 ports in a…
ZoneBarrier Series-NC
ZoneBarrier Series is a completely modular communication line protection system with a wide range of…
Power Surge Protection
Surges and spikes from nearby lightning strikes, arc - welders and high voltage cables can…
LED Series ZoneDefender Curve ZoneMaster All-Mode ZoneMaster
LED Series
Protection for LED lighting systems. Compact package with series or parallel connection models.
ZoneDefender Curve
The ZoneDefender Curve Series surge suppressor is specifically designed for applications that require a Type.
ZoneMaster All-Mode
The ZoneMaster All-Mode Series of surge protection devices combines unparalleled power handling capability, application versatility.
The ZoneMaster Series is available in units with either a 200 or 170kA surge handling.
ZoneMaster PRO MA05/10 Series MA15 Series MA30 Series
ZoneMaster PRO
Type 1 products for complex protection requirements. 340 to 400kA surge current capacities.
MA05/10 Series
The MA05/10 EMC/surge protection devices can be incorporated into, or mounted close to, individual items
MA15 Series
The MA15 Series of surge protection devices protects electronic equipment and computer networks against the...
MA30 Series
The MA30 Series of surge protection devices protects electronic equipment power supplies and computer networks.
MA3100 Series ZoneDefender PRO Series ZoneSentinel Series MA3350 Series
MA3100 Series
This cost effective surge protector is for applications described by IEC 61312 where the surge.
ZoneDefender PRO Series
The ZoneDefender PRO range is a versatile, high performance surge protector designed for use in...
ZoneSentinel Series
The ZoneSentinel range is engineered for applications at distribution boards and small service locations and
MA3350 Series
The MA3350 is ideal for AC or DC applications where high surge current surge protection
Specialist Surge Protection Products
MTL Surge Technologies has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of surge…
Weighing System protection - LC30 Antenna Protection - CA Series RF protection
Weighing System protection - LC30
The LC30 surge protector protects load cell and weighing system installations.
Antenna Protection - CA Series
CA Series devices provide protection of radio transmitters and receivers connected to coaxial feeders.
RF protection
The AirGuard Series provides radio frequency surge protection.
Telecoms Surge Protection
Highly-integrated, small-signal telecommunications equipment is becoming increasingly sensitive to damage and disruption from voltage surges…
ZoneBarrier Series-T mSA Series - T DP200 BT & RJ Series
ZoneBarrier Series-T
ZoneBarrier modular telecom protection devices provide a uniquely customer configurable port-by-port protection approach.
mSA Series - T
mSA Series telecom protection devices provide protection for private wire installation (mSA units) or public.
DP200 BT & RJ Series
The DP200 BT & RJ Series provides surge protection for telecom applications.
Products in HMI and Visualisation
Many industries now prefer to site their operator terminals and HMI on the plant floor. The MTL Instruments range of Visualisation products includes ruggedised and extended temperature range operator terminals and panel PCs suitable for both hazardous and non-hazardous area mounting. For over 15 years GECMA Components, a part of the MTL Instruments group, has concentrated on the production of high-quality HMI and on-site operating stations for industrial and Ex-classified production areas.

Challenger terminalThe flexible modular concept consisting of intrinsically safe components and the deliberate selection of high-quality materials allows CHALLENGER Remote PC terminals and EXPLORER Panel PC's to be used under the strictest of hygienic conditions as well as in aggressive production environments. Even under temperature conditions of -30°C to +60°C there is no functional impairment.

Equipped with many international certificates (UL, C-UL, ATEX, GOST-R/GGTN, IECEx, TISS, NEPSI, FTZU...), GECMA HMI's also set international standards in the operation and visualization of processes.

Industrial Wireless

In today’s process industries there are increasing demands for greater efficiency, higher reliability and lower cost of ownership of field equipment and supporting networks. MTL offers end to end or part solutions to meet the requirements of your project.

From plant-wide 802.11 network infrastructure in hazardous area to simple sensor signal cable replacement, MTL brings the experience and the products to realise robust and secure wireless systems. MTL wireless technology supports industry standard connections and protocols which maximizes the flexibility of your system while reducing inventory and installation costs.

  • Download the NEW Wireless product overview ... <click here>
  • To download the latest 'Working Wireless' poster ... <click here>
Products in Fieldbus

MTL make fieldbus easy in safe and hazardous areas.
The MTL range of Foundation fieldbus physical layer components makes it easy to complete any fieldbus installation between control system and field instruments. Fieldbus power supplies, Fieldbus barriers, fieldbus power conditioners and Megablock wiring connection hubs cover every application in safe and hazardous areas, providing the highest levels of availability, whilst maintaining a common architecture that is independent of the Zone or Division of use.

  • For a copy of the MTL-Relcom fieldbus wiring guide ... <click here>
  • For a free copy of the latest Fieldbus Barrier Segment Calculator ... <click here>
  • For a free copy of the latest Fieldbus Calculator ... <click here>
  • To download the latest Fieldbus poster ... <click here>
Products in Industrial Ethernet
Ruggedised Ethernet
MTL Instruments can supply the full range of "industrial strength" Ethernet products to satisfy the most demanding process applications. Our Ruggedised Ethernet range is designed to operate in the harsh process control environment and features multi-port switches, Ethernet-to-Fibre converters and Giga-Bit switches. See below for details.
Intrinsically Safe Ethernet Intrinsically Safe Ethernet
Intrinsically Safe Ethernet
For applications requiring access into Zone 1 and Zone 0 hazardous areas, including wireless access, then look no further than MTL's new range of Intrinsically Safe Ethernet units. The 9460-ET Series delivers Intrinsically Safe "Power over Ethernet" (PoEx) with a single Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable, allowing live connection and disconnection of the end device in Zone 0 or Zone 1. See below for details.
Tofino? Hardware Tofino™ Hardware
For maximum network protection from growing threat of cyber-security attacks.

Industrial Security - Tofino
To safeguard your network's critcal devices, MTL and Byres Security can provide a new and unique solution to combat modern cyber-security threats - Tofino™. By deploying Tofino™ security appliances directly in front of each control device (or group of control devices), they provide SCADA and process control networks with a layered security solution. See below for details.

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